These Leicas Apparently Saved Photojournalist Gabriele Micalizzi’s Life

Photojournalist Gabriele Micalizzi was severely injured in Syria, and was saved by his Leica Cameras.

Typically when photojournalists survive dangerous encounters in a war zone, it’s because of some protective gear that they have–but for Gabriele Micalizzi, his Leica cameras saved him. According to a post made on Reddit, the cameras that saved him are the Leica Q and the Leica SL. Both of these cameras have been tested to be incredibly durable by photographers and there are many stories from photographers about how their Leicas survived quite tortuous conditions.

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Michael A. McCoy: Documenting Veterans of American Wars with PTSD

All images by Michael A. McCoy. Used with permission.

Photographer Michael A. McCoy states that he captures “life, love and the varied nuances that make up the human race.” To many of us, that will seem very interesting. While Mike has always loved photography, it was the death of a close family member that pushed him to take his passion for photography more seriously. But Mike has a deeper intent and he’s a disabled US Veteran after serving two tours in Iraq. Photography, for him has become a therapeutic tool. He states that is has helped him navigate life by capturing the joy in another’s life.

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