Ingrid Alice: Creative High End Fashion Portraiture

All images by Ingrid Alice. Used with permission.

Ingrid Alice is a Creative Director by trade, but is also smitten for photography. Her experiences help her to mold specific visions in her images and she is a photographer that firmly believes that light is everything.

I found her work on Behance, and after going through her Lost in Yonkers project as well as various others, I found her work to be unique, captivating, and refreshing. Fashion photography for many years had a big emphasis on being a large scale production with the exception of some of the more street style jobs that we see today. Like the old school of wedding photography, there were lots of chefs at the pot working to ensure that the best of the best was created and nothing more.

But she has an even more interesting story and thought process.

For full creative credits for the attached images please see: Images taken from editorials including: The Enchanted Forrest, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, The Queen Of Cakes, Lost In Yonkers, Great Expectations, The Empress Arcana, The Orient, Twilight.

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