Fernando Sciotto Captures the Cycle of Life in Infrared (NSFW)

“The day I found out about Kodak Aerochrome, I knew I must have it,” the photographer Fernando Sciotto tells me. “The film is expired, discontinued many years ago. The colors are unreal. All the mystique around that film seemed poetic to me, so I bought it knowing that one day I was going to need it to do something special. I got it from eBay for about €120 a roll (35mm), and I had it in my fridge for several months.”

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Maren Klemp Transports Us to a Strange and Beautiful World

“As a kid, I was very interested in the idea of parallel dimensions,” Maren Klemp tells me. “I often went to the library and spent hours searching for books in the mystery/paranormal section. When I first saw an infrared image, it reminded me of that: I felt like I was given a glimpse into another dimension.” Her series, Hidden Light, is her first foray into this strange and magical realm, guided by an inquisitive girl in white. 

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Infrared Dreams Takes Inspiration from Alice in Wonderland


All photos by Nikita Gill. Used with permission.

“This series was indeed inspired by Alice in Wonderland which is my favorite story and often inspires my work.” says London based photographer Nikita Gill. “I chose colors that matched the idea of Wonderland in my head. The pinks, the purples, the blues. All in effect creating a strange, mysterious, magical place.”

Nikita Gill describes herself as a twenty something old forest whose trees whisper in art, photography and written epiphanies. At first, she only understood drawings and paintings–but later she grew to truly appreciate photography and photoshop manipulations. Perhaps this one of the reasons why many of the images in Infrared Dreams highly emphasize the idea of a path in the woods. “I love the idea of the unknown, the journey, the mystery of a never ending path and what lies at the end of it. That is why the images focused on a sort of magical path that guides you through this strange forest of dreams.”

This forest of dreams is part of Nikita’s inner creative expression–the creation of an escape. “For me, whilst creating these images, there was a calm, a serenity.” states Ms. Gill. “I wanted so much for those who see these images to sense the same, and feel that sense of wonder and adventure that following these magical pathways bring!”

Nikita loves the idea of a surreal world within nature–one that holds its own magic beyond the wildest imagination. She tried to capture this magic using a Canon 600D and a 100mm lens with an infrared filter attached.

For Nikita, the dream with this project is to create large format prints for a gallery. “I want the paths and the landscapes to be life sized so the people viewing them can sense a sort of magic too.” The rest of the series is after the jump.

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