Steve McCurry Talks About How Important Relationships are to Photographers

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Screenshot taken from the video by Phaidon Press

Steve McCurry has been all over the world and has learned more about travelling than most photographers will probably ever learn in their entire life. One of the most important things that he says that he learned has to do with relationships with your teammates and the people who guide you around. Steve said that these relationships can last many, many years and even a lifetime.

Though photographer tutorials often talk about how to use a camera and create better images, professional photographers know that you spend the least amount of time behind the camera and a lot of it being face to face with people and interacting with them.

These words by Steve are spoken about in the context of travel and photojournalistic photography–but it can also apply to event photography, wedding photography, portrait photography, etc. One of the most important things to do as a photographer is to build your network.

Steve McCurry’s video on the importance of relationships to photographers is after the jump.

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