A Look at 5 Photographers Documenting Civil Rights Struggles

These photographers are doing the work we need to truly pay attention to.

In our 11 years, we’ve interviewed lots of photographers. But more importantly, we’ve stayed close to our photojournalism roots. Our platform has been used by many photographers to get the word out. Much of what documentary photography about these days is Civil Rights. It’s happening all across the world in various ways. There are stories at the top of the news every morning about it. But there are some that haven’t really been told as much. For Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, we’re counting down a few that we’ve featured.

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Nolle Mason’s Series on Illegal Immigration Makes Digital X-Rays Analog

All image manipulations by Noelle Mason. Used with permission.

“I am an outsider using photography, a non-native, or immigrant to the medium,” explains Noelle Mason. At her core, Noelle is an artist with political motivations. Yet, through her manipulation of surveillance images, she has been making a statement in the world of photography, and people are listening. Her series, X-Ray Vision Vs. Instability, took first place at the Lens Culture Art Awards, giving her wide-spread recognition. In her work, she tackles the tough topic of immigration – humanizing people who tend to be stripped of their humanity. In a somewhat chilling set of manipulated photographs, Noelle opens up our eyes and allows us to look deep inside the truth. She holds a looking glass over a complex issue, delivering the topic to us in a complex way. For that reason alone, we had to speak to her to learn more about her method of working.

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