Samsung’s Credit Card Sized T7 Touch SSD Backs Up Files in a Hurry

If you need an SSD that can back up your files in a hot fire flash, and that can slip into your pocket, you might be interested in the T7 Touch SSD.

Who remembers back when a floppy disk that could hold 1.44mb of data was the stuff of the future? I remember that, and I remember 5.25-inch disks that could hold 1.2mb or less (yeah, I’m old). Now though, companies like Samsung are making SSD’s that can hold 2TB of data on devices the size of credit cards. Samsung’s new T7 Touch SSD not only boasts rapid data transfer rates, but it can also be secured with your fingerprint. For more details about the new Samsung T7 SSD, head on past the break.

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There are more than a couple of web spaces photographers can call home including Flickr, 500px, Instagram, and now a new site called hopes to become the new spot for your online photo collection. The startup out of Ukraine just put into beta and it promises its cloud-based image banks will let users access, manage, edit, and share photos from virtually anywhere and on any device.

The biggest thing of note about is that it’s a RAW capable, meaning users can publish their images in JPEG, RAW, or DNG formats and work of them on the web. has some more ambitious goals to unseat Adobe from its throne in the RAW photo processing world.

Currently web solution lets you upload files and edit them in a browser working off of previews from decoded RAW files. The software take a bit of time to load and get going but once users do they can start tuning their images’ brightness, contrast, and adjust curves to name a few settings photographers can tweak. piggybacks on Google Drive for storage so users will have 15GB of space for all their photos. For now sign up is free but you can bet as the service matures there will be a subscription fee. looks promising as a catch all photo space that will let users save, share, and edit their images all on a web browser. Check out a video on after the break.

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Irista, Canon’s Dropbox Like Cloud Storage Solution Made for Photographers

IristaCloud services like Dropbox, Google, Microsoft SkyDrive, and Apple iCloud have tried to woo photographers for years with tantalizing image features. Now Canon is launching a cloud storage solution made specifically for image shooters. The service is named Irista and its open to everyone with 10GB of free storage.

Photographers using the service can upload their RAW images and share them across multiple social media sites including Facebook and Flickr. Even after photos been shared Irista will continue to track comments and likes so you don’t have to keep tabs on each individual post.

The cloud service accepts Raw formats from other camera manufacturers including Sony, Samsung, Nikon, and Olympus to name a few. On top of being able take on images without any file-size limitations Irista can import images directly from Flickr and Facebook. Users will also have more powerful tools for searching and organizing their images. For instance those on Irista can sort their photos and create an album based on tags, EXIF data, or which year the image was taken.

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