MeFOTO’s New Daytrip Tripod and Walkabout Monopod Combine Skittles, Acid and Photography

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer MeFOTO Walkabout and Daytrip photos (22 of 22)

MeFOTO has always been a company to lean more towards the colorful side of things–with excellent success as well. And today, the company is taking you into a 1960’s inspired acid trip where you will then walk through the woods and stuff will happen. Well, not really–but that’s sort of the inspiration behind their new MeFOTO Walkabout monopod. It’s actually meant to double as a walking stick while hiking. And as extra proof of that, it incorporates a compass into the head–but that’s detachable so that you can stick your camera or tripod head of your choice onto there. Plus it comes in loads of cool colors to match your Pentax camera.

But that’s not all, they’re also announcing a brand new tripod in the form of their Daytrip tripod. It is a two section tripod designed to get really low down to the ground–which is awesome for bird photographers acting like army snipers. It comes with a single action ballhead and a mini Arca Swiss plate. The Daytrip can support up to 8.8 lbs of weight: which is nice for mirrorless camera users. It comes with its own shoulder case as well, but the tripod is designed to fit fold down very compact and slip into a camera bag (a really big one.)

Tech specs and extra images are after the jump. We’ve been testing the units for around two weeks now, so expect a review to be coming soon.

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