The Phoblographer’s Introduction to Shooting During the Blue Hour

Chris Gampat Shooting Landscapes (9 of 10)

The majority of photographers talk about the Golden Hour like it’s the most perfect time to shoot all the time, any time. Talk to the pros, the ones who know how to make their own light and to the newbies and they’ll mostly say that their favorite time to shoot has to be during the Golden Hour. There is something magical about clicking the shutter of your camera and being in complete awe at the results that you get.

Yes, that’s cool; but why don’t people stick around a little while after or a little while before? This time is called the Blue Hour–and this short period can give you some absolutely incredible images.

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The Best Times of Day to Use Natural Light For Your Photos


Yes, you’ve heard of the Golden Hour, but do you know about the Blue Hour? Or have you ever looked at the quality of the sun before sunset happens and after it’s at its highest point during the middle of the day? It can be beautiful for so many different types of photos. While everyone will tell you to go shooting only during the golden hour, we think that you shouldn’t limit yourself to only these times. If you’re shooting portraits, you can use the shadows and if you’re shooting all other types of images you should just embrace the light at other times.

Here are the best times to shoot using natural light.

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