5 Awesome Examples of Creative Photography to do When Bored!

Photographers seldom get bored. But when they do, they turn to their cameras and creative mind to soothe their boredom. It’s a perk of being a creative. There’s always something you can do to entertain yourself. This article looks at a round-up of photographers that worked on some creative photography that’s both fun and inspiring, keeping themselves entertained in the process.

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David Ellis Creates Flower Photos with a Hidden Meaning

“I remember the assault of color from Filoli’s incredible tulip beds this spring,” the artist David Ellis tells me. “But I also remember the disconnect of people having to wear masks and socially distance to enjoy an outdoor park and garden.” As part of their spring display in March through May, the historic California house and garden showcased 30 varieties of tulips, from the crimson Kingsblood to the creamy White Triumphator. Still, amid all those swaths of living color, the specter of COVID-19 lingered.  

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David Ellis Shoots in a Completely Unique Way with Lobospheres

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My name is David Ellis. I am a writer, strategist, gadfly and documentary/fine arts photographer based in California and a member of the SanDisk Extreme Team. I started in photojournalism, where I learned the power of visual storytelling and of the immediacy of the photographic moment. It was a bit of a fluke. I took a job as a junior writer at an automotive magazine, and as I was headed out the door to cover my first story, the editor handed me a brick of Tri-X and said, “Bring back five usable black and whites.” I had a Pentax K1000 and a 50mm lens that I used about three times before that moment. Terrified, I fumbled my way through most of the 20 rolls and got the five shots. But I loved the process of seeing and creating images so much, I was hooked for life. My mantra, “See it, shoot it,” has been the driving force of my work for decades.

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