Drobo Announces New 5D3 and 5N2 Gold and Platinum Editions

You need more storage and you need it to be safe from disk failures according to Drobo. 

Drobo is no doubt a brand you have heard about, being one of the first to really promote and capitalize on the need for creative professionals to have expandable storage safe from drive failures. Today, Drobo has launched new Gold and Platinum versions of their best selling 5D3 and 5N2 products that give users several special perks beyond the safety of their data.

The Drobo 5D3 is based on the classic Drobo idea of desktop-attached storage that is fast, reliable, and secure. It features two Thunderbolt 3 ports, and one USB 3.0 type C port, a 1.6Ghx quad-core processor, up to 64TB of storage space, 5 drive bays, and incredible read/write speeds of up to 800MB/s read and 346MB/s writes, depending on the drives you populate them with.

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