ISO 400: Ashly Stohl Talks About Publishing Her First Book

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All images are copyrighted Ashly Stohl, and are being used with permission.

What do you do when your youngest child takes a liking to a Darth Vader helmet that’s just a little too big for his frame? You take a picture and then another and then another. That’s what Ashly Stohl did with her son Charlie. At first, she made these pictures without any serious intent, but once they started getting more traction than her other work, she realized there might be something there. These little one-off pictures became something more: her first book Charth Vader. What makes this even more significant is that she created her own imprint with photographer David Carol in order to publish it because she didn’t want to trust these personal photos to some other publisher. They called the fruits of their labor Peanut Press Books with Charth Vader as its first publication.

A selection of Ashly’s images and the episode are below. For more of her work, you can check out her website, and for Peanut Press Books, go here. You can pick up a copy of Charth Vader here.

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“Star Wars” is on Instagram with a Darth Vader Selfie

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In the pantheon of advertising campaigns for various movie franchises, never have we seen anything nearly as contemporary as the newest thing from Star Wars. With a caption that reads “Another day at the office. #StarWars #DarthVader #selfies #gpom”, Star Wars has launched an Instagram account with an image of Lord Vader taking a selfie amidst chaos. Based on the casualties surrounding him, I’d wager that Vader took the selfie aboard the Tantive IV. No one knows who or what will appear next on this new Instagram account. Filming has yet to begin, but hopefully we’ll get behind-the-scenes looks when production does start.

Help us J. J. Abrams. You’re our only hope.

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