Court Documents State How Perez Hilton Stole Robert Caplin’s Images of Glee Star Darren Criss


Image from the Court Case used with permission

Yesterday, we reported on Freelance Photographer Robert Caplin suing entertainment blogger Perez Hilton for loads of cash. To refresh, Caplin is suing for $150,000 x 14 due to the fact that Hilton took 14 images of Glee star Darren Criss from Caplin’s website without permission or paying for them and commodified them for himself–which comes out to $150,000 per image.

However, it’s a bit more complicated than that. After hours of Googling, we were able to find the court docs.

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NYTimes Photographer Robert Caplin Sues Entertainment Blogger Perez Hilton


Headshot of Robert Caplin used with permission

UPDATE: Here’s how it all went down.

Perez Hilton is in some serious trouble today. According to Courthouse News Service, NYTimes Photographer Robert Caplin (who also runs the Photo Brigade) is suing the infamous entertainment blogger for $150,000 x 14 after using one of his copyrighted images. Specifically, Hilton used images of Glee Actor Darren Criss, who Caplin actually blogged about photographing. According to the court docs, Perez used 14 of the images–meaning that each image commands a sum of $150,000.

Now here’s the killer part: Perez added his own watermark to the images then applied a hyperlink to the photo for people to shop for clothing.

Caplin apparently called Perez, who apologized for the use and said that he would take them down from the site. But he didn’t. And that is when Caplin decided to sue.

This is still a very new story, but we’ll be following it closely. We tried contacting Caplin for commentary, but couldn’t reach him.