From Darkroom to Daylight: Inspiring Quotes from Famous Photographers

“All photographs ©Harvey Wang. Quotes from the book “From Darkroom to Daylight.” Used with permission.

Photographer Harvey Wang has what is promising to be a fantastic new book available for purchase on Amazon, it’s called from From Darkroom to Daylight. The book has also been made into a documentary which explores the insights of some fantastic photographers through interviews. From Darkroom to Daylight features interviews with many important photographers including David Goldblatt, Jerome Liebling, Sally Mann, Alex Webb, Elliot Erwitt, Gregory Crewdson, Eugene Richards and George Tice, as well as innovators Thomas Knoll, who co-created Photoshop, and Steven Sasson, who built the first digital camera while at Kodak.

After the jump, you can read words from Harvey on the concept behind the book/documentary and some very insightful quotes from the photographers.

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