Maria Lax Creates Vividly Colorful Frames in the Dark of the Night

“I have a never ending fascination with light and the lack of it,” states Finnish photographer Maria Lax regarding the duality of light that shapes her multicolored photographs of the night. It’s an ongoing project, but Night Rising has nabbed her a 2021 Fujifilm GFX Challenge regional award. She spared some of her valuable time to chat with us about the ideas behind it and how living in the Arctic Circle for many years gave her a deeper appreciation of the dark.

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Useful Photography Tip #184: How to Find the ISO Button of Most Cameras in the Dark

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You’re in a bind; you’re in a dark place and you’re trying to find the ISO button on your camera. What do you do? Some folks end up pressing buttons until they get to exactly what they want. But if you’ve got a camera with a dedicated ISO button, then you’re a bit more in luck. For some time now, camera companies have made their buttons have a little bulging dot on top of their ISO buttons. So when you’re in the dark, you’ll be able to feel for exactly what you need. Canon and Nikon have both done this for years and on the newer Panasonic GH5s, the ISO button has perforations on it while the white balance button is more rounded out. Once the photographer knows what button does what, they’ll be all set to shoot.

If you have a camera with buttons that are programmable, you’re not in as much luck. Or if you’ve got a camera with a dedicated ISO dial, you’ll need to look at the screen or the dial itself. But in these cases, the function buttons can help if you set them up in a specific way that you’ll understand.

Stefano Gardel Captures the Pervading Darkness in London

All images by Stefano Gardel. Used with Creative Commons Permission.

There’s something about cities at night that get photographers prowling the streets in search of stories. Sometimes it’s the seemingly alternate world that comes to life when the sun sets and the city lights bathe everything in a different glow. Maybe it’s the way everything and everyone slows down and unwinds, making it easier to catch them unguarded for a candid moment. But for Switzerland-based fine art photographer Stefano Gardel, the darkness that envelopes the streets of London at night is particularly intriguing.

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Rinzi Ruiz on Using Colors and Lighting in Street Photography with the Fujifilm X100F

All images by Rinzi Ruiz. Used with permission.

The photography of Rinzi Ruiz has always has a very noir-esque look to it. His works over the years has been evolving quite a bit but still retains a lot of that core look to it. Rinzi attributes this to photographers like Ray K Metzker; but if you ask me it also looks a lot like the movies–and of recent he’s been using the Fujifilm X100F.

When I was first getting La Noir Image started, Rinzi was one of the first photographers to sign up to be featured. For that, I’m very thankful–especially with the high quality of his work. So now that he has been playing with the Fujifilm X100F for a while, we wanted to see what he thought and how he’s using it to create and capture the scenes that he does.

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