Awesome Video of Skyliners Crossing a Slackline Between Two Hot Air Balloons

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The French really are crazy…in a good way, that is.

If you’re nursing that cup of coffee, struggling to wake up and start your Monday, this video might just be what you need for a boost of adrenaline. 

A group of daredevil highliners called the Skyliners decided that it was a great idea to launch two linked hot air balloons together, have each one of them attempt to cross the slack rope at a great distance from the ground, and document the entire thing for all the world to grasp at. Their exciting, nerve-racking and admittedly at times, funny, attempts were caught on camera by filmmaker Sebastien Montaz-Rosset, disconcerting falls and all.

It was the groups’ collective dream to cross a slack rope between two hot air balloons, crazy enough, and they were at the brink of making it into reality. Unfortunately, none of them successfully made it to the other side (I meant balloon! Thankfully none of them made it to that other side either – they were all wearing parachutes.) but that doesn’t mean they won’t try again, according the Montaz-Rosset.

Successful crossing or not, the video itself is enough to give anyone a rush – at least, anyone who is not accustomed seeing people fall from a great height. At least the Skyliners sounded like they were all enjoying themselves.

To find out more about these daredevils, you should find the time to check out Montaz-Rosset’s documentary “I Believe I Can Fly (Flight of the Frenchies)” from 2 years ago. For now though, check out their crazy attempts after the jump.

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The Internet Reacts to Ben Affleck Being Cast as Batman Via Image Memes


One of the worst things that you could possibly do is infuriate DC Comics fans–especially Batman fans! But upon waking up this morning, your Facebook Feed or News Feed might have been flooded with anger as it was announced last night that Ben Affleck would play Batman in the upcoming Superman movie. Affleck, who played Marvel Comics hero Daredevil, was then subjected to lots of backlash via Comic Geeks. Posts on Reddit have lead to the creation of various image memes stating their disgust over their decision, but some of the images are actually quite funny. In recent memory, we’re not sure if any decision in a movie has caused the reaction of this many memes around the web.

A couple of them are after the jump.

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