These Environmental Portraits Put the Emphasis on Artist Studios

In this portrait project by Danny Santos II, we get to see how looking beyond our own creative fields can give us inspiration for photography projects.

At its core, the goal of portrait photography is to tell us something about the subject, their personality, their passions, and even a sense of mystery in their gaze. A portrait project of Singapore-based Danny Santos II gives us all of those and a little extra: we also get a glimpse of the creative spaces where his artist subjects make their masterpieces. We’ve reminded our fellow photographers not so long ago about the importance of having other hobbies and exploring other interests outside of photography; this series could give you an idea about which one to pick up!

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Danny Santos II Captures the Diversity of Singapore with Street Composites

Can you spot Danny in this image?

Can you spot Danny in this image?

All images by Danny Santos II. Used with permission.

Danny Santos II is amazing street photographer that rose up to become an extremely talented professional shooter. Last April we were drawn to his evocative photos of life in Singapore and now we’ve come across Danny’s latest series of street photos with a composite twist.

Titled “Shooting Singapore Street Composites” Danny explained he wanted to blend his creativity with a bit of reality in his latest photo series. “I guess it’s a transition from capturing to creating,” he said.

For his composites Danny set up his tripod in the middle of the busy central business district in Singapore. While people walked past the camera rushing off to work, Danny stood on the sidelines and in the crowds clicking away at his remote trigger for 30 minutes to an hour.

“[I snapped] pretty much anything that stood out and captured my attention,” Danny said. “I was quite particular about motion and variety. Those are the two things that overwhelm you when in the middle of the streets of Singapore.”

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Danny Santos II: From Street Photographer to Fashion Photographer

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All images in this piece are copyright of Danny Santos. Used with permission.

Chances are that you’ve seen the work of Danny Santos II–specifically you might be more familiar with his street photography. Danny is a person who I would call one of the most inspirational photographers of our time–as bold a statement as that is, consider his background. He’s super friendly, shoots all the time, documents people even in the rain, and was able to translate his skills into wedding, fashion, and advertising work. Danny did all this through social media spread and by creating genuine work as opposed to knowing people in high places–which is another way of working your way up the creative ladder.

We were thrilled to head that Danny is a fan of the Phoblographer, so we reached out to talk to him about his work, finding paying clients, his gear and more.

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