Daniella Zalcman’s New York and London Juxtaposition Photos

Daniella Zalcman's New York and London Juxtaposition Photos (1 of 1)

All images are copyright of Daniella Zalcman. Used with permission

New York and London are extremely photogenic cities that are not only the center of many commercial shoots, but also in various films. What if you could fuse the two though? Daniella Zalcman has done just that in a series of double exposure images that were shared on her Instagram and Flickr. She got the idea when she prepared to move from the Big Apple to the home of Big Ben. She took to Kickstarter to accumulate funding for the production of a limited run book called NY + London and received her goal for the creation.

Take a look at some of the selections after the jump and read out quick interview with her.

Via Time Out NY

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