Daniel Stein Does Beautiful AstroPhotography on Film and Digital

If you’ve ever wanted to point your camera up to the night sky and capture the majestic Milky Way, you’ll surely pick up some pointers from our interview with Daniel Stein.

“Astrophotography has never been easier to get into than ever before!” New Jersey-based photographer Daniel Stein rightly reminds all of us in our recent chat with him. True enough, many of today’s cameras are powerful enough to capture the grandeur of the night sky which is typically hidden in plain sight. Some of you may remember him for his impressive astro snaps on Polaroid, an unbelievable feat given that the medium is something you won’t expect photographers would be using to shoot star trails and Milky Way photos. But those are just a few of the tricks he has in his sleeve. As an astrophotographer who shoots in both film and digital, Daniel is in a great position to inspire and encourage us to give the craft a try with whatever camera we have.

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More Stunning Astrophotography Shot Using Polaroid Instant Camera

Daniel Stein continues to take astrophotography to new heights with more examples of otherworldly snaps using a Polaroid instant camera.

Ever wanted to explore the possibilities of Polaroid photography? How about taking it to the stars? A couple of years ago, Daniel Stein showed us it’s possible to do some stunning instant photos of the Milky Way with a Polaroid camera. If you were amazed with those snaps, we’re glad to report that he’s back with more to wow and inspire us.

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These Beautiful Images of the Milky Way Were Shot on Impossible Project 600 Film

Images by Daniel Stein. Used with permission.

Photographers have very mixed opinions on Impossible Project’s film, but there’s no denying that Daniel Stein nailed this photo of the Milky Way. Using an SX-70 and IP600 film, he was able to use the film to capture this hypnotic and beautiful moment.

“In brief, I first got into photography a long time ago when I was 10 (I am 23 now).” says Dan in an email interview with us. “I am quite visually impaired, seeing primarily out of my left eye only. Holding a viewfinder up to my face gave the world a new meaning to me.” According to Dan, this allowed him to see things beyond what his physical vision could see.

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