Daniel Řeřicha Takes Us to a Winter Wonderland in Black and White

All photos by Daniel Řeřicha. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Shooting during the winter is a challenging but also great time to shoot for landscape photographers, especially for those who hold a preference for black and white. The scenery tends to easily tip into their favor with the snow blanketing the landscapes, transforming everything into minimalist subjects that look great in monochrome. Take, for example, the gorgeous black and white photos of Czech photographer Daniel Řeřicha around the snowy scenes of the Ore Mountains in Central Europe.

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Daniel Řeřicha’s Fine Art Black and White Landscapes


All images by Daniel Řeřicha. Used with permission.

Photographer Daniel Řeřicha was born in 1972 in Krupka, Czech Republic and has been living there all his life. In the year 2000, he got his first SLR and since then has been searching for inspiration online as well as advice from other photographers. At the same time, he’s been trying to improve his post-production skills.

We found his work on Behance and were thoroughly taken with his quiet, ethereal and jaw-droppingly beautiful compositions. Daniel believes that good gear matters a bit, but it’s more about your creative vision. He also believes that color landscapes (at least in his work) are inferior to what black and white can do for a scene.
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