Ken Kiefer Photographs Models Underwater With 40-50 Sharks

These images were the joint venture of Alex Suh, Liz Parkinson, Stuart Cove, Hayley Jo Carr, Rich Carr, Andre Musgrove, Daniel De Sa Freire, Tohru Yamaguchi. All images are being used with permission.

“I was very motivated to bring awareness to more people about sharks and their true behavior, ” says photographer Ken Kiefer to us about his recent project involving photographing models alongside sharks. “I spend a lot of time speaking to people about sharks, and it’s hard for most people to understand the level to which things are blown out of proportion.” Ken has been interviewed and featured many times on this website for his unique creative vision and working underwater.

“Dogs bite thousands of people per year, but reporting on a dog bite doesn’t bring the (same) level of attention that hearing of a shark bite. The media does everything they can to enhance this feeling of danger and the fear surrounding sharks, and facts are generally completely ignored.”

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