Dance With Closed Eyes Shows the Power of Those With Perceived Limitations

All images by Tatiana Ilina. Used with permission. 

“Sometimes art can change how people see the world, but I want to change how the world sees people.” Those are the powerful words of Tatiana Ilina, a documentary photographer based in New York. Through her imagery, she is passionate about giving a voice to the voiceless – shining a light on those whom society has often placed in darkness. By connecting with fringe communities, she educates herself in the process. “I was always interested in creating the stories about incredible people who made me see many things in this world from another side.”

Tatiana’s Dance With Closed Eyes is a photo series that shows people who are blind but refuse to live up to the limitations our world has expected them to have. As a publication that empathizes with the blind community (our EIC is registered as legally blind), we were more than curious to learn about this moving project.

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