Photography in France: Get Lost in a World of Romance and Adventure

France, a nation full of romance, is a beautiful spot to make images. From the cityscapes in Paris to the golden sands of Nice, France doesn’t lack picturesque destinations. Photographers visit from all over the world to create their perception of the Western European nation. Once they’ve made their images and edited them in post, they often send them to us to see if they are worth publication on The Phoblographer. Many of them are, and in this piece, we will show you the best photography in France.

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Damien Hypolite Matches Assassin’s Creed Unity’s 1789 Paris with 2014 Paris

Damien Hypolite Paris 1789-7

All photos by Damien Hypolite. Used with permission.

There’s a saying that art imitates life but Damien Hypolite has elevated the concept to an even higher meta-level by taking screenshots of 1789 Paris in Assassin’s Creed Unity and matching it up with the modern day capital.

“I was playing the game, walking in the 1789’s Paris trying to find places where I used to live in the capital,” Damien says. “I was very impressed by the quality of the work and how some places have changed since that era.”

Damien says the idea all clicked together when he saw some of Christopher Moloney’s FILMography seriess, in which he brings movie stills to their real life counterparts. “I asked myself, what if I try to do the same with screenshots from the game, using them as high quality pictures of a period when photography did not exist,” Damien expounds.

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