Reports of a Nikon FM2 Styled Camera With the D4’s Guts Excite Photographers


Sony recently announced the A7 and A7r full frame mirrorless cameras, and those really shook the world when the news broke. But Nikon Rumors is reporting that something may be coming from one of the big two. The report states that it will be something like the older Nikon FM2: a film camera and quite a beautiful one actually. However, the internals will be more along the lines of being like the Nikon D4–which many are stating could make it a true D700 successor.  That means that at its heart will be a big, beautiful full frame sensor.

Those specs include a standard F-Mount: and something like that it totally possible given how small the old FM series cameras were. However, the camera won’t be mirrorless–and if anything that will also mean that the company will either use a traditional mirror and pentaprism or Sony’s SLT technology (which Canon actually originally broke the ground on tens of years ago.) This will appeal to lots of folks that still complain about EVFs despite how far the advancements in technology have come.

This makes us even more curious though: with Photokina next year the company might consider some sort of upgrade to the camera.

Nikon Announces New P7100 Point and Shoot, Fanboys Throw Riots

Today, Nikon has announced the P7100 point and shoot camera along with a slew of other point and shoot cameras. The exciting new—wait a second, what? Point and shoots? Sure the P7100 shoots raw, but where are the D300s and D700 successors?

Whatever, hit the jump to read the specs without the extra padding of a press release. Also watch a fanboy become sad and emo now that there is no D400 or D800 yet.

Before you click though, note that from the marketing language, they seem to be targeting this at street photographers…

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