Nikon Announces New P7100 Point and Shoot, Fanboys Throw Riots

Today, Nikon has announced the P7100 point and shoot camera along with a slew of other point and shoot cameras. The exciting new—wait a second, what? Point and shoots? Sure the P7100 shoots raw, but where are the D300s and D700 successors?

Whatever, hit the jump to read the specs without the extra padding of a press release. Also watch a fanboy become sad and emo now that there is no D400 or D800 yet.

Before you click though, note that from the marketing language, they seem to be targeting this at street photographers…

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What Do You Want to See in the D700 and D300s Successor?

With the features packed into well received D7000, one can only begin to wonder what the D700 and D300s will have. Will the ISOs go into an astronomically insane number? Will Nikon finally fulfill the clamors of their customers asking for more megapixels? What video frame rates will be available since the D300s’s were essentially null? When will they be out?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Also be sure to remember that there are rebates in effect.