19 LGBTQAI+ Photographers You Need to Follow

At the conclusion of Pride Month 2022, we’re rounding up some of the best stories of LGBTQAI+ photographers we’ve done. This roundup includes lots of work put together by our staff over the years in conjunction with the many photographers we’ve helped champion. We think you’re bound to fall in love with their stories. Here are some LGBTQAI+ photographers worth a follow.

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6 Remarkable Examples of the Power of Film Photography (NSFW)

Thankfully, film photography still holds its place in the world. Some shoot film because they’re hipsters, while others do it because they feel deeply about the science behind it and the aesthetic it produces. Shooting film isn’t easy; most people fail to get to right. But for those who nail it, the results can be spectacular. Naturally, we’ve featured many of the wins. And below is some film photography you’ll enjoy by photographers who love their film cameras.

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Cyrus Arnieri Photographs Love at the Queer Liberation March (NSFW)

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“I saw people free to hug and kiss again,” the film photographer Cyrus Arnieri tells me, looking back on the third annual Queer Liberation March earlier this summer. “I saw people walking with a purpose. I saw those that were remembering those we have lost in the past year. At the park, I saw people free. Naked bodies shined in the New York park, accompanied with just a smile. Strangers embraced and felt happiness together.”

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