Diego Salas Takes Photo Retouching Of Cute Dogs To A Whole New Level

All images by Diego Salas. Used under Creative Commons License. 

The art of photo retouching typically transforms and alters an ordinary looking photograph using various techniques to achieve desired results. Diego Salas’ commissioned work for Pedigree took photo retouching to a different level as he composited images of fish and pigs into the open mouths of cute dogs.

Looking at the “before” image, it was obvious that two completely different photographs were composited into the final output, undergoing a tonne of work in the process of photo retouching. The level of attention to detail by Diego is incredibly meticulous, even zooming into close up view the final image still looks completely realistic.

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Animal Planet Releases Video of Adorable Baby Penguins Hatching

Screen Shot 2013-07-23 at 1.01.00 PM

While most people might not have a soft spot for penguins, the fact that African Black Footed Penguins are being bred should be music to your ears. Why? The little guys are endangered, and yes: there are penguins in Africa. Animal Planet released the video after the jump recently showing and telling folks about the struggles that they go through to become the cute little critters that you see at the zoo.

And if you want even more adorableness, you should check out this story that Nat Geo did the other day on Penguins.

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