Fujifilm Will Be Cutting Down Their Point And Shoot Camera Line

Fujifilm XF1 Compact Camera

Last month, Olympus announced cuts in their point and shoot camera lines. Also hopping into the same boat, Fujifilm is making a similar announcement–except that it is around 50% of their compact camera line. To be clear, the purge consists of the bottom line of Fujifilm’s compact cameras. And this still numbers in the range of around 20 or so compacts. Another reason for the purge is the fact that the X series is doing so darn well.

According to Bloomberg, since this announcement the company’s stock has skyrocketed.

For years, Canon and Panasonic seemed to dominate the point and shoot camera realm. It is only in the past two years that I’ve personally felt that Fujifilm and Sony have started to take it away from them with their EXR sensors and large sensors overall respectively. We really can’t see how many will be able to compete in this market unless they start shoving DSLR sensors into compact cameras–and we all know that it is possible.

Via Amateur Photographer

PS: – Fujifilm currently has a bundle deal where if you purchase the XE-1 or the X Pro 1 you get 50% off a lens if you click the Buy Together and Save option. If B&H runs out, then Adorama has the X Pro 1 and XE-1 at the same prices.