The Challenge for Photojournalists and the Social Web

Years ago before the social web, photographers helped change the course of history through their imagery. They ended wars with them and convinced the public to become outraged. In more recent years, photos emerge of other atrocities like Guantanamo Bay, the treatment of women in foreign countries, etc. But with so much going on on the web, we tend to pay less attention to the issues that matter. Therein lies the problems that that modern photojournalist faces.

In today’s social web, the general public acknowledges or reacts to world issues with a like, an emoji, etc. Then after that, they continue to scroll through their feed perhaps not batting an eye at it anymore. Instead, the idea that we’re entertaining ourselves to death is true.

So how do photojournalists adapt?

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Why Instagram is So Difficult for Most Photographers

Sad fact: most of the biggest and most popular accounts on Instagram aren’t actually those of photographers who truly care about Photography. Instead they’re very characteristic of the truth involving what most people think about Photography. I want you to take a close look at what I did in those sentences–there is Photography with a big “P” and photography with a small “p”. What’s the difference? Throughout this article, it would be advantageous to your comprehension of my statements if you were to kindly keep this nomenclature in the back of your head while reading. If this is done, the statements will be significantly more effective.

The difference is with another very sad fact: it genuinely has nothing to do with you.

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