This Woman’s Photo Was Painted and Now Costs HKD $4,800

Sherri Littlefield didn’t expect to find a photo of herself taken from online, painted, and now being sold.

“Sometimes I google myself, treat gallery [sic], or my maiden name ‘Nienass’ to see if there’s anything new,” says Sherri in an email to us about her likeness being used for a painting without her consent or knowledge. “To my surprise, I found the painting of myself. At first, I thought maybe it was a former student or colleague, but I have no affiliation with the artist or gallery.” Now, a lot of things are bound to go through one’s mind. Do you have a stalker? Was this shot in public? How did someone get this image and paint it for a sale? These are just some of the questions that came to my mind at least when seeing Sherri post about this.

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Girls! Girls! Girls!: A Take on the Objectification of Women in Photography

I was unsurprisingly and unfortunately accurate in my assumptions and assessment about the who, what, and how regarding this auction and its unpleasantly alienating advertisement.

We all know the endless battle of trying to maintain a clean and tidy inbox–the constant digital influx of opportunities, notifications, spam, work, and various other textually-based content that we are barely able to keep up with. I don’t know about you, but one of the ways I stem the flow is by keeping a firm grip on unsubscribing from irrelevant subscriptions. Needless to say, I found myself doing a double take–wondering what kind of sexist, objectifying garbage spam email listing I’d accidentally been added to when I scrolled through an email in my inbox containing what you’ll see in the lead image.

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Buffer’s New Instagram Integration Makes Life Much Easier

If you’re a photographer (creator) on Instagram, then your likelihood of having your content shared just went up. Curators today are being treated to Buffer’s new integration with Instagram. Sort of like Hootsuite, it will allow you to take posts that you’ve been tagged in, copy the URL, set the app up to remind you to share a post, and then manually share the post in some way or another. It isn’t as automated as one would like and it’s quite interesting that Instagram doesn’t natively allow for sharing, but it’s a brand new feature that will make the life of social media content developers and curators a heck of a lot simpler too.

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For Photographers, Instagram Is Tumblr All Over Again

When it comes to learning and understanding how to use Instagram, pretty much most people fail at it. In fact, pretty much most people fail at social media because everyone and their mother (literally) are (literally) all about themselves. Broadcasting things about yourself as a photographer is important on social media, but also developing content that people will actually care about is too. Further, so is the actual interaction part. You’ll need to build connections.

But more importantly, you’ll need to figure out that hacking the platform isn’t totally just about creating or capturing images. It’s also about curating them.

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