Paul Garbett’s Cuppaday Project Shows How Much Creativity You Can Have With One Object


All images by Paul Garbett. Used with permission

Sydney based creative Paul Garbett is the mastermind behind a project called Cuppaday. It’s a photo series where a single photo of a cup is taken each day. The cup is put in various situations and made to look different each time. Paul uses his iPhone 5 with available natural light to create the images; which are then shared to Instagram then the Tumblr.

Pauls inspiration came from the fact that he found himself doodling faces on coffee cups while on the phone and one day he took a picture, uploaded it to Instagram more as a record than anything else. The project grew from there.

“I approach them as a creative thinking exercise where the coffee cup is the canvas and the challenge is to keep doing something different with them.” says Garbett. “I tend to be inspired by events or experiences in my immediate environment. There are many examples of this in the collection: the ‘wax cup’ made around my birthday, the halloween collection, autumn (fall) leaves etc.”

Paul’s intention is to create a coffee table book one day. Considering all the love that the project has received on Instagram and Tumblr, it could surely make for a great table decoration. More photos are after the jump.

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