Review: Crumpler Haven L Camera Pouch

It was the middle of summer—I had to plan a trip. I needed to transport my camera inside my TSA approved carry on. This carry on has to be approximately, 22″ x 14″ x 9″. I could not use my Crumpler Customary Barge or my Tamrac evolution 8. I had to save weight and space as I wanted to avoid extra baggage fees. Because this particular trip was going to be semiannual, I needed something durable to make it more convenient. In the course of my search, Crumpler sent me an announcement on their ‘Haven L’. When it became available, I purchased one right away.

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Not Too Much-Not Too Little = Just Right: The Think Tank Retrospective 30

Like most photographers, I have enough bags to make any Vogue reading 20 something jealous, but I have yet to find a bag that truly fit my needs. Too big, too small, too padded, not padded enough, looks too much like a camera bag, ugly. The list of things that i can find fault with is long. Until I received my Think Tank Retrospective 30. When it comes to products, gadgets, and toys related to photography, I am generally very quick to find fault. Not today.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest posting from Joseph W Carey

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