Lomography Launches New 35mm Color X-Pro Sunset Strip Film To Wish Summer Goodbye

In keeping with the tradition of advancing and breathing life into the film community, today Lomography announced a new 35mm film. Coined, “X Color Pro Sunset Strip” this is an ISO 100 film that has already had a splash of color added to the center area, but not around the Sprocket Holes (for those of you who heart your Sprocket Rocket.) They’re calling this, “pre-colored film” which is supposed to make the blues, reds and greens more intense. But from the sample images I’ve seen so far, it looks like the perfect marriage between red scale and chrome film. The results already look cross-processed; which the company is famous for.

A pack of three canisters are available for just under $20 at the Lomography store. Sample images are after the jump.

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