Love Crop Sensors? Exciting Possibilities for the Future

Crop sensors aren’t dead yet; I think their future is bright!

The internet loves to predict doom and gloom for cameras with crop sensors. How many years have we heard that Micro Four-Thirds is dead? Current offerings remain quite capable cameras. However, camera technology has been advancing rapidly. Brands like Fuji and OM-Digital Solutions (referred to as OMDS from here on) heavily rely on these cameras to survive. What do they need to do to remain relevant? Read on to find out.

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Your First Real Camera: 6 Excellent APS-C Cameras Under $1000

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These budget friendly, feature packed APS-C cameras have a ton of features, and being under a grand, they’re hard to ignore.

In the recent past, cameras that were priced under $1,000 were often laughed at by photographers the world over. Cheap usually meant poor build quality, less than stellar image quality, and bare bones features, but my times have changed. These days, APS-C cameras that are under $1,000 aren’t just there to make up the numbers, and they aren’t just for moms and dads who want a cheap camera to capture images of their kids.  Today’s APS-C cameras at this price point are absolute power houses that are rewriting the books on cheap cameras. Continue reading…

Could a Full Frame Mirrorless Canon Rebel Be an Ace in The Hole?

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A cheap and cheerful, Full Frame Mirrorless Rebel camera from Canon really might make sense.

Everywhere you go these days it seems that Full Frame is the buzz word in the photography world. The gap between APS-C cameras and Full Frame cameras has closed significantly, but there is perhaps still an ounce of difference between the two platforms with Full Frame only just squeezing out a win. With Fujifilm and Sony dominating the APS-C markets, Canon and others may well have to move in a different direction. A recent interview with a Canon exec shed light on a rather interesting topic, and it turns out that there may be a cheaper Full Frame camera coming from Canon in the near future (yes cheaper than the EOS RP). Could this mean a Full Frame Canon Rebel is in the works instead of an APS-C offering? Lets talk about it. Continue reading…

Eight Wide Angle Lenses Under $700 for Landscapes on APS-C Cameras

These wide angle lenses are perfect for landscape photography, even with APS-C crop factors thrown into the mix.

When shooting with APS-C based cameras, getting a true wide angle lens can be slightly challenging. With crop factors ranging from x1.5 to x1.6, it’s vital to take into account that the lens you shoot with will not be quite as wide as you thought. For example, a 15mm wide angle lens on a APS-C based camera will have an effective focal length of 22.5mm-24mm depending on the crop factor of your camera. Fortunately there are some spectacular lenses out there that are still nice and wide even with the crop factor of your sensor. The best part is that you can get some optically stunning lenses for under $700. Continue reading…