Kilian Schoenberger’s Photos of Europe’s Crooked Forest

Crooked Forest - Kilian Schînberger (4)

All photographs taken by Kilian Schoenberger. Used with permission.

Photographer Kilian Schoenberger is a creative that manages to capture some of the most amazing locations on earth that trigger feelings of a fantasy and fairy tales. We’ve profiled this special trait of his on the site before, but most recently he took to the wilds to capture what’s known as the Crooked Forest.

The Crooked Forest is a place in Poland with very oddly shaped pine trees. There are many speculations for why the trees grow this way–some say that humans did it for various reasons. These reasons include making furniture or boats. Another theory says that the snowstorms caused the trees to bow in order to adapt to the environment. Yet another theory cites that tanks from World War II caused it in some way.

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