Weekend Humor: Criminals Get More Sophisticated to Achieve Better Mugshots


Courtesy of the Sydney Living Museum.

Following a report earlier this week about snazzy mugshots from the ’20s, criminals have taken it upon themselves to get sophisticated. The traditional bodega heist has become a far more stylish affair with the common suspects ditching sweatpants and t-shirts in favor of three-piece suits and top hats. Originally an uncomfortable affair, mugshots have become all the rage for up-and-coming criminals in the past several days.

Dennis McGraw was a small-time crook who frequented bodegas for Snickers available under the five-finger discount. He’s never been caught, but that changed when he saw our post on vintage mugshots. “You really inspired me to dress nicely,” McGraw wrote, “Before I usually resorted to my gray hoodie and blue sweatpants, but now I want to steal in style.” He also revealed to us that he went so far as to purchase a replica revolver.

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