Police Discover 35 New Photos from Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Scene



In some of the weirder news today, Salon is reporting that on a wound that hasn’t really closed. Years and years ago, Nirvana front man Kurt Cobain committed suicide. Recently the police briefly re-opened the case and found four rolls of film that were never developed from the crime scene.

The images on the rolls are of objects around the house and scene–but not of Kurt himself. Some of the images are of things like chairs while others have more important subject matter like Kurt Cobain’s suicide note. According to CBS, the case was re-opened because it has been 20 years this year since his death. While no other major details are added to the case and the actual crime itself, the details that it brought out were taken quite artistically according to Salon.

Time is saying that there are loads of new details like how Kurt wanted people to know it was him who killed himself. But he also deeply hated his wife.

We previously talked to two photographers who photographed Cobain: Jesse Froham who did Kurt’s last studio shoot and Steve Gullick who toured with the band. Check out the interviews for more. But also be sure to check out the CBS News segment after the jump.

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