Epson’s New Creative Print App Lets You Print Your Instagram Photos

Epson recently created a new app for those of us “Millennials.” It’s called the Creative Print App and links up with your phone to directly let you print using an Epson printer. If you’re a lover of some of their higher end printers like the P-600 or P-800, you’ll probably have some fun with it. The app connects to the images on your phone, your Facebook account and can also hook up with your Instagram to print the images that you’ve made and published before.

Using the app, you can select printing collages, DVDs/CDs, stationary stuff, etc. You can even select what types of paper you’re using like the Velvet Fine Art stuff for really nice Matte Prints.

From my initial impressions, I’m not a fan of how it renders images with filters or edits using something like RNI films; but it does a fantastic and incredibly accurate job with images without editing.

The Epson Creative Print app is available on both iOS and Google Play for free right now.

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