A New Winner for the Creative Light and Shadow Contest

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Dearest Readers and Contestants of the Creative Light and Shadow Contest,

If you aren’t aware, we recently collaborated with EyeEm for a contest where the winner would receive a brand new Canon 6D. Originally we named Gustavo D a 17 year old photographer from Arizona as the winner. Unfortunately, after some extra research, EyeEm discovered that the image was plagiarized and so Gustavo and a couple of others named as runners up have been disqualified. the original image belongs to photographer Dave Krugman, who’ve actually interviewed on the site before.

There was a miscommunication in the way that the contest was judged. Last year when I was a judge for the EyeEm awards, they shortlisted contestants for me. I wasn’t expecting that to happen this time around and so with the way I’ve judged every contest, I sorted through all 43,000+ images. After I made the announcement, EyeEm found the error.

For that, I take full and personal responsibility and ask for your forgiveness on the matter. Mistakes happen. It was an honest mistake, but nor the Phoblographer or EyeEm condone plagiarization in this industry.

I’m sorry. We’re sorry. But with all of that said, and done, we have a new winner and new additions to our shortlist.

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