Medium-Format Magic in a Full-frame Lens. Laowa 45mm F0.95 Review

Imagine being able to get the kind of bokeh and depth of field with your full-frame camera that medium format camera users show off in their images. Creamy, buttery, super smooth, out of focus portions with an ultra-shallow depth of field. The Laowa 45mm f0.95 Z-mount lens delivered this and more in the week or so of indoor and outdoor testing I did with it. It’s not an autofocus lens, but it still won me over.

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Which One Is Best? Comparing the Bokeh of 35mm Full Frame Lenses

If you’ve been looking for a comparison of bokeh from 35mm lenses, then check these out.

Portrait photographers probably care the most about bokeh from 35mm lenses. The lenses give a wide view but single their subject out easily. And Over the years, they’ve gotten better. If you’ve been looking for 35mm lenses with better bokeh, then you’ve come to the right spot. For the past 11 years, we’ve been reviewing tons of lenses. And we’ve kept records on exactly what’s what. So we dove into our reviews index to look at a bunch of popular 35mm full-frame lenses. In this post, we’ll show you the bokeh of various options we’ve shot with.

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