Coffee Creamer Being Poured In Slow Motion Marks Mankind’s Finest Hour

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 10.22.26 AM

Slow motion video in general is usually quite beautiful as it makes us take a longer look at an otherwise fast paced moment. The act of pouring coffee creamer into coffee gives us a very visual signal as the liquids mix and change from one color to another. But when you look at it in slow motion, it looks like the beginnings of a galaxy according to Gizmodo.

To us, just looks like pure beauty. We’re coffee/tea lovers here at the Phoblographer, and just the act of looking at the two liquids mix is beautiful and there isn’t much out there on the net that shows us that. But when you take a high speed camera (or a camera shooting at just high speeds) and then slow the frame rate down then add in just enough light to give it a morning window look, then you’ve got our eyes glued to the monitors.

This glorious intermixing of liquids is after the jump. This weekend, why not try something like this out for yourself?

Via Gizmodo Sploid and Modern Cuisine

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