The New Cravar Rana Series of Camera Bags Sport Leather and a Whole Lot of Patina


It’s been a long time since a full grain, vegetable-tanned leather camera bag hit the market and really took our breath away, but the new Cravar Rana series of camera bags are aiming to do just that. Craver is an Indonesian based premium bag manufacturer that makes leather bags of all sorts. The new Cravar Rana series takes those bags a step further for photographers specifically. As a photographer who has used regular camera bags and tried to modify them accordingly to suit the needs of a photographer, I can tell you that’s tougher to do than you’d think. And so the Cravar Rana series is giving us features photographers need and want, like three types of dividers, a soft linen interior, adjustable shoulder straps and pads, side flaps for weather protection (huge and often overlooked), riveted stress points, extra padding on the bottom, etc.

More details and important tech specs from the press release are after the jump.

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