Six of the Best Camera Bags for Photographers Living in Cities

These camera bags are essential for any modern photographer living and working in a city.

Nothing feels worse than being underprepared for a shoot or having a piece of equipment not work when you’re out in the field shooting photos. Part of this is sometimes caused by ineffective protection from camera bags: trust me I know. For a long time, I couldn’t find a camera bag that I really liked and so I tried to modify and make my own. But what so many camera bags have that differentiates them from other kinds of bags are ways to weather seal the contents of the bag. On top of that, there is usually some sort of padding that will protect your gear from bumps, falls, etc. These are absolutely essential when you’re a photographer traveling in a city and often taking public transportation or even walking and riding a bike. So we went through our reviews and rounded up some of our favorite bags just for you.

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Camera Bag Review: CRAVAR Rana 13 Messenger Bag

Photographers who want to carry their gear in style at an affordable price will love the CRAVAR Rana 13.

The CRAVAR Rana 13 is a bag that I really thought that I wasn’t going to fall for due to my moving away from messenger bags for my back’s sake; but CRAVAR got to my heart like a bad ex that woes you back into their web. In some ways, you know that it can be bad for you, but it works. It’s what you need for the moment. The CRAVAR Rana 13 is a gorgeous leather messenger bag designed for the photographer. They’re made of all leather and have weather resistance built in alongside a number of other of standard features for photographers. Specifically, it may appeal to mirrorless camera owners a bit more considering that it can surely hold a lot of gear and it can double as a daily work bag.

Are there groundbreaking features that differentiate it from the rest though?

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The New Cravar Rana Series of Camera Bags Sport Leather and a Whole Lot of Patina


It’s been a long time since a full grain, vegetable-tanned leather camera bag hit the market and really took our breath away, but the new Cravar Rana series of camera bags are aiming to do just that. Craver is an Indonesian based premium bag manufacturer that makes leather bags of all sorts. The new Cravar Rana series takes those bags a step further for photographers specifically. As a photographer who has used regular camera bags and tried to modify them accordingly to suit the needs of a photographer, I can tell you that’s tougher to do than you’d think. And so the Cravar Rana series is giving us features photographers need and want, like three types of dividers, a soft linen interior, adjustable shoulder straps and pads, side flaps for weather protection (huge and often overlooked), riveted stress points, extra padding on the bottom, etc.

More details and important tech specs from the press release are after the jump.

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