5 Pieces of Gear to Conquer Any Crappy Lighting Situation


As a professional photographer, from a high-end fashion photographer to a high-volume portrait and wedding photographer, we share the same major hurdle: capturing the perfect light with minimal gear. Light is the most important element in photography, but it’s also the most variant. As professionals, we are often thrown into less-than-ideal lighting conditions and expected to find perfect light in a matter of minutes. Through my experience, here are the top 5 essentials — my lighting survival kit — that help me handle even the crappiest of lighting situations.

Editor’s Note: This is a guest blog post by Lindsay AdlerIf you want to learn more about her lighting hacks and lighting techniques in general, check out her and Erik Valind’s free creativeLIVE workshop August 12-14. Also be sure to follow Erik on both Twitter and Facebook.

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