Subvisual Subway Showcases Bacteria of the NYC Subway Cars


All images by Craig Ward. Used with permission. Some images by Bill Wadman.

Photographer Craig Ward is a British born designer and art director currently based in New York and he got into photography after he needed to capture some of his typographic work. But this grew into an exploration of the art form, and most recently resulted in a brand new project that he’s been pitching to the big New York based publications.

As many folks know, the subway is the heart of our transportation; and with so many people all around it’s bound to be a breeding ground for bacteria. Well, that’s exactly what Craig tried to find. In his project “Subvisual Subway” he showcases culture samples taken of the subway and photographed. While the images are scientifically beautiful, they’re also very likely to make a New Yorker think a bit more carefully about their commute.

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