Photoville 2019 Was More Than Just Pretty Pictures

Photoville is the one event I look to most for insightful inspiration and necessary illumination of visual narratives within our industry.

The beauty and magic of Photoville is its ability to explore and expose the need for intersectional representation, whether examining exhibitions from a perspective of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, etc. Subsequently, I’d love to share some of the projects I found most influential, and examine why they are compelling, either by breaking molds, highlighting issues frequently left on the table, or challenging the traditional narratives we often encounter. Continue reading…

CHARREADA: A Peek Into the Mexican Origins of the American Rodeo

Andy Goodwin’s Charreada series offers a glimpse into the Mexican sport that perhaps not so many know paved the way for American rodeo.

Rodeo and cowboy culture has long been the subject of many photographic projects, among the most interesting of which feature a side that challenges the modern cowboy image. Some may already be familiar with Northern Mexico and its vaquero as the provenance of the iconic American cowboy. But for those who don’t know yet, Andy Goodwin’s Charreada series will serve as a compelling primer, providing a glimpse into the Mexican sport that became the predecessor to the American rodeo.

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Rory Doyle: Challenging the Cowboy Culture with the Delta Hill Riders

Rory Doyle talks about documenting the daily life of the African American cowboys of his hometown for his winning series in this year’s ZEISS Photography Award.

Among the challenges for today’s documentary photographers is to tell the story of those who challenge the norms, and shed light on their everyday life. This year, the ZEISS Photography Award asked participants for their creative take on the brief of “The Unexpected” and produce a body of work with a strong, clear narrative. To this, Mississippi-based freelance photographer Rory Doyle responded with Delta Hill Riders; a poignant ongoing series on the vibrant yet overlooked community of African American cowboys in the rural Mississippi Delta.

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Cowboys Artistically Showcases the Chaos of a Rodeo


All images by Stefano Galli. Used with permission.

“…Upon review I noticed that the images, while beautiful and colorful, didn’t capture the wild spirit of the cowboy. I needed to create pictures that were able to communicate before being understood.” says photographer Stefano Galli about his project “Cowboys.” “The kind of images that if you get close to them you can hear the horses neigh, the pounding of their hooves, the braying of the calves, the rage of the bulls, the sound of the lasso whipping through the air and the howl of pain from a cowboy who was catapulted to the ground, trying to catch the 8-second ride.”

Stefano Galli is an Italian photographer born in 1981 and currently living in LA. He has an affinity for analog photography, and is primarily a cinematographer. So when he came to America, he wanted to find a way to document a big part of our culture in a way that people can clearly understand.

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