CovrPhoto Lets You Shoot TLR Style With Your iPhone


Street photographers have a brand new way to shoot photos in a low profile way with their phones. A new case called the CovrPhoto is looking to make taking photos discreetly a very simple process through use of a special lens. As you see in the image above, there is a small lens on the back of the case. This lens/prism takes a scene and redirects it to the phone’s lens–therefore changing the way that the phone views the world. It’s similar in the way that a prism works in a DSLR. By doing this, you can shoot from the hip and photograph the scene in front of you instead of creating the latest addition to #fromwhereIstand.

For the more experienced street photographers, raising a phone or a camera isn’t usually a problem–nor is shooting from the hip due to the different perspective that it gives you. But this case will open up street photography to the even more nervous shooters. These shooters will also still be nervous and just need to remember to keep calm.

Want one? The prices vary on which phone you have. A more in-depth video tutorial on the CovrPhoto is after the jump.

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