Masks Are Still Important Shows Sandeep MV’s New Series

“It’s better to be safe than sorry,” says commercial photographer Sandeep MV about whether masks are still something we need to wear in public. And rightly so given the rise in cases worldwide, especially in the USA and India. The manner in which the pandemic in India personally affected Sandeep MV got him thinking about creating a Covid-19 related photoshoot. Highlighting their importance but keeping it eye-catching, he produced a slightly off-beat yet relevant set of images.

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Why a Camera’s LCD Screen Is More Important Now Than Ever

COVID 19 is probably going to make the way photographers shoot become tougher.

I’m still out of breath between my deviated septum and what I had to just do. COVID 19 is mutating, and we as a society are trying to keep up. Here in America, it’s strongly recommended that you wear two masks. If you’re taking things even further, you’re probably using eye protection. Your glasses aren’t enough, and if you’re like me and need your glasses for everything, it’s going to get tougher. But all of this has reaffirmed something massive in my head: the LCD screen of a camera is about to become incredibly vital Manufacturers can’t just ignore it anymore. They need to put the highest resolution screens into their cameras right now. More importantly, they also need to make their interfaces better—the keyword here being NEED.

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No Street Photography for Four Months. My Mental Health Is Struggling

Street photography was my crux for happiness, now it has been completely taken away.

Earlier this year I wrote an article that covered my journey through depression. Street photography played a major (possibly the most significant) role in helping me come out of the darkness. The article was published on March 7th, three days after I arrived in Medellin, Colombia. Two weeks later a four-day quarantine started: four months later and it still hasn’t ended. I’ve not practiced street photography once in all that time, and the impact on my mental health is starting to show.

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Wrong Time or Bad Photos? Why These Photo Books Are Failing

Are you looking for photographic documentation of what the world has become due to COVID-19?

I’ve previously written about the importance of street photography during these unprecedented times. Having visual documentation of how communities, governments, and countries have responded to the pandemic will serve us well in our search for understanding and education. How the content is delivered is varied. It could be through websites, newspapers, and even photo books, to name just a few examples. But timing is everything. Some photographers are already trying to sell photo books covering the topic, and it begs the question: is it too soon?

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