Cheap Photo: Holiday Savings from Canon, Nikon and More!

Independence Day! July 4th is upon us and that means camera companies have some new deals going on for you to take advantage of.

Who doesn’t love a good holiday to celebrate? These are always the best times to buy gear you have been thinking about thanks to companies looking to capitalize on the joy of a holiday to separate you from your money. This July 4th is no different and several companies have some good deals you should be taking a look at!

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Cheap Photo: Save Big on These 10 Nude Photography Tutorials

Are you interested in getting better at photographing your subjects in the nude? Well, maybe one of these 10 tutorials or workshops has the information you want.

Shooting good nudes is a lot harder than the uneducated individual may think; posing and lighting are key, as is the direction that you give to your model or client in order to produce the sort of results that you are after. So, if you have been struggling with shooting nudes, or if you are just curious about the process, then we suggest taking a look at one of these 10 excellent tutorials!

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