Six Powerful PCs to Help Photographers with Speedy Post Processing

post processing

If your current PC huffs and puffs through post-processing, it may be time for a radical upgrade.

These days, computers are definitely something we take for granted, and we seem to think that the one we have is ‘good enough’ to get the job done when it comes to editing images or creating other forms of content, but my how times have changed. These days you need a pretty beefy PC just to even meet the requirements set forth by both Adobe and Capture One, and to get the absolute best performance possible you need a speed demon of a PC. If you’re finding that your current system sounds like a jet engine at full power when you’re editing images, it’s probably time for a new computer. Here we will take a quick look at some of the best PC’s (desktops and laptops) for post-processing and content creation. Continue reading…