DxO Launches New Viewpoint 2 Software for Distortion Correction



DxO Viewpoint was a piece of software intended to fix distortion of images. In fact, that was its main functionality. The technology was created using DxO’s massive database of camera sensors and lenses. The company recently announced an update in the form of Viewpoint 2, and there seem to be a couple of key upgrades that make the software better. For example, there is now an 8 point line tool that lets users fix any convergent line in the image, regardless of its position. Then there is a new “Natural” setting that adjusts the intensity of your editing.

And as usual, you can correct all kinds of distortion problems that the image may have. Plus there are new cropping measures that have been implemented for the creation of the final image.

Viewpoint 2 can function with Adobe Photoshop Elements and Apple Aperture along with Lightroom and Photoshop. With DxO’s introductory pricing (good through October 20, 2013) the software is available for immediate download for $49 after which pricing will be $79.

Our problem with the first version of the software was that it only edited JPEGs. We’re not sure if the new version works with RAWs or not.

Fujifilm Wants You to Put A Ring on Before Your Leica Lenses and X Pro 1 Mate

Though this has been shown off before, Fujifilm is now coming out to everyone about their Leica M to X Mount adapter. Being officially announced today, it seems to be very much alike to other adapters. I’d go even as far to say that this looks like the Dot Line adapter that I use for Micro Four Thirds.

The design consists of an aluminum mount for the body, stainless steel for the lens, and an aluminum central tube. All in all, the adapter from Fuji will maintain the 27.8mm needed to be from the sensor. With firmware 1.10, the adapter will also recognize the lens mounted and transmit necessary information to the camera. That means that the framelines you see in the viewfinder will correspond to the lens used. It will also transmit distortion control information, vignetting correction and color shading correction.

You can expect it in June for $199.99.